Goat Milk… Who Knew?

Goat Milk Skin Care

Who doesn’t love goats? Their silly, carefree attitudes make us laugh, and their milk makes great cheese. But did you know that goat milk is skin care’s best kept secret? Its TRUE!

Goat milk has many healing properties that nourish the skin. It contains vitamins A, E, C and some of the B vitamins as well as amino and citric acids, zinc and unsaturated fatty acids. All of these nutrients are essential for healthy skin. Some of the benefits of goat milk include boosting moisture levels, repairing the skin’s lipid barrier, reducing acne and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Goat milk is high in lactic acid and purges the pores to reveal clearer, healthier skin.

Of course, you want to ensure your goat milk product is natural and contains no harmful chemicals. We love Beekman 1802’s Fragrance Free Whipped Body Cream! Its paraben, sulfate and cruelty free! We  love the light and natural scent of their Honeyed Grapefruit Hand Cream, too. Grab one to keep in your purse and an extra to give to a friend – they’re gonna ask about it!

Attention men! Goat milk isn’t just for girls, either. Goat milk’s moisturizing benefits can smooth and soften your beard, making it more manageable. Steele Family Farms Billy Goat Beard Balm is a great hand-crafted product that combines goat milk with shea & cocoa butters and jojoba & sweet almond oils to give you soft, stylish beard hair. Your face (and your lady) will love you!

Who knew goat milk had so many healthy benefits? Now that you do, don’t miss out on all the great goat milk products at Kamwell Organics. Remember – our focus is high quality, natural beauty and skincare products. Nothing but the best for you. You can feel secure shopping,  knowing we care and did the research for you.